Day 10, 14th April 2014: No swastikas here.

Day 10 (56)Today we blitzed trench 2, pausing only for Emma Chambers from the BBC who wanted to film us at work (; we’re 8 minutes into the programme and this link is visible only for 24 hours), and BBC radio Jersey who wanted a quick chat.

Trench 2 has been very difficult to excavate because of the big tree root which dominates the trench, and looks like a pair of tangled legs. The many sub-roots have been like string, criss-crossing the space where we are trying to wield our shovels and trowels. While the south end of the trench has been a write-off because of the roots, the north end has yielded a lot of pottery. While this is brilliant in terms of us trying to learn more, not one of the pottery pieces had a swastika on the base. This means that, as yet, we are lacking any artefact which is definitively tied to the Occupation. No swastikas, no eagles, no German coins. However, this does not mean that our evidence to date is not tied to the Occupation. Certainly we can build up a story based on what we have found; we just need some dating evidence to prove that we are correct. But then, all archaeology is theory and interpretation and you can never know if your theory is correct without a time machine.


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About Gilly Carr

I am a Senior Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Cambridge's Institute of Continuing Education. I work in the field of conflict archaeology and POW archaeology, and my fieldwork is based in the Channel Islands.

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